Children’s Dentistry

It is very important for children to have a good start with meeting the right dentist and one who is proficient in children’s dentistry.

We recommend children have an initial dental visit from 3.5 – 4 years of age. A gentle, fun introduction to the dentist

alleviates kids anxieties. Our initial appointment involves a slow, methodical introduction to dental equipment and hygiene measures.

Prevention of dental disease is critical in children and it is of great importance that they do not develop a phobia of visiting the dentist.

Children’s dentistry focuses a lot on education.

We teach  kids about

  • what to eat
  • how to brush correctly
  • how long to brush for
  • how to floss and when to begin

The rate of tooth decay is increasing in children despite the beneficial effects of water

fluoridation. After 18 months of age, a small pea-sized amount of fluoridated toothpaste should be used with toothbrushing.

Parents are often surprised to find out the high sugar content of certain foods.

Dental care of children can include

  • teeth cleaning
  • orthodontic assessment to check for early signs of dental crowding or crooked teeth
  • fissure sealing of the adult molars
  • x-rays to check for the early signs of decay
  • fluoride treatments

Oral Health Education:

Visit the Victorian ADA Website for more useful information on Children’s dentistry.