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Oral Sleep Apnoea

Sleep Apnoea  facts

Sleep Apnoea is highly prevalent in Australia and snoring and sleepiness are common symptoms
• In Australia, 6% of patients reported visiting a doctor for a problem of sleep apnoea or snoring (1)
• It is estimated that more than 60% of adults occasionally snore and more than 30% regularly snore (2)
• Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) occurs in approximately 10% of females and 25% of males (3,4)
• Given the recent rise in obesity, the prevalence of sleep-related symptoms, snoring, and OSA are likely to have increased (5)
• More than 80% of OSA sufferers are yet to be diagnosed(6)

Treatment Options

Once diagnosed there are many treatment options. One such solution is to have an oral sleep apnoea appliance made. This appliance pushes the lower jaw forward and allows a greater airway space. Partners delight in reporting the change when snoring is reduced and the individual wearing the device often rejoice in having better quality sleep. A referral to a sleep physician is required in most cases

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