OPG – A Full Mouth X-Ray

At Carlton Dental Care we have an onsite OPG machine. This state of the art digital machine delivers excellent images of your teeth and jaws. From these images, we can determine what foundations we have to build on in order to repair any damaged teeth you may have.  An OPG can be needed for

  • wisdom teeth management and assessment
  • referral to specialists for surgery in the form of  wisdom teeth extraction
  • treatment planning for areas of missing teeth and possible implant placement
  • orthodontic assessment for the eruption of adult teeth in children
  • detecting pathology of the jaws  – tumours, cysts, bone disorders
  • periodontal assessment – to monitor the levels of bone supporting your teeth

Instant results with digital

After having an OPG our patients are amazed how quick it is and how easy it is to see the condition of your mouth on a large screen. They always comment on how convenient it is to have one taken on the day of a check-up. Patients don’t need to have a day off work to be referred to a radiology clinic. Patients also like to have a record of their current dentition,  as provided by an OPG,  emailed to them if required.